This post would have been much better.. really!

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You know how famous people always make a late entry? Well, this has nothing to do with Arjun’s post being late, but he has promised me a bribe, so he’s forgiven for not posting yesterday.

Since I spend almost 3-3.5 hours in the bus in a day, travelling to work and back, I usually spend this time to either think of what to blog next about, or I just sleep with my mouth hanging open.

So today morning, as usual, I was searching for that brilliant post to write about, which would blow your mind away. I think and think, and in between, I get up and give my seat to a lady carrying a little baby, hoping the others around are feeling ashamed for not being as selfless as me (yes, I am very humble as you can see), and then at last, almost like a miracle, I get that brilliant ultimate idea, the idea that would go down in the history of blogs as the God of Blog posts’ ideas! Feeling even more ‘not’ humble about myself, I finally look out of the window happily, to savor this moment to its fullest, taking in the beautiful sights outside.

Wow, that lake looks really beautiful…..look at those tiny birds flying so close to its surface…..

Wait a minute, I never passed a lake before on my way to work!

Where the hell am I?

And then the realization dawned on me that I had somehow boarded the wrong bus today, lost in thoughts about stupid blog posts!

It took me another hour to figure out where I am, and how to get to office from there, which as luck would turn out, there was no direct bus, so I had to walk unnecessarily from one bus stop to another.

Finally I make it to office, late, and I sit down to bring my amazing post idea to life (obviously this is what I am paid to do at work), and I realize that I just can’t remember what the idea was!!

So for today, instead of the award winning post that should have been here, this is what you will get from me:

Lesson 1 -> Always get into the right buses
Lesson 2 -> When blog ideas are too good to be true, NOTE THEM DOWN IMMEDIATELY
Lesson 3 -> Keep backup ideas, in case you were stupid enough to ignore Lesson 1 and 2.


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