I am not fond of Facebook that much

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So I was getting all proud about my blog (thats going downhill if I may say so) when this friend of mine announced on Facebook (for the world to see)

“Sri, your blog is awesome, if only you were paid to write this stuff”,

I obviously assumed its me. Yet, I knew that in South India there is an abundance of Sri(s), so I decided to confirm whether it was indeed me (as if there’s a doubt!).

It wasn’t me.


Pride so totally goes before a fall.

PS: I am still crazy busy and unable to post regularly.


As Joey once said “I am pretty wisdomous”

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Since I turned 23 today, I am obviously full of wisdom.

So today I will give you 4 important advices that will help you throughout your life:

  1. Never ever watch the movie Max Payne
  2. Never ever do this to yourself
    I wasn't "wisdomous" then

    I wasn't "wisdomous" then

    cos its stupid (but if you have to choose between the two never-evers, then I’d say never ever watch Max Payne)

  3. Follow my blog religiously
  4. Treat your elders with respect

Sadly I do not have time to share more wisdom cos:

  1. I am still sick, though improving
  2. I have a work deadline for tomorrow, and if I want to spend even a little time with Jun today, then I definitely need to finish the work by evening.

So if you would be kind enough to send me those gifts today itself, I don’t think I need to linger around much longer with this post.

I name this post “Batman” because he is the best

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Last week, I went to Bombay to attend this scholarship interview, for my higher studies.

(Please do pray that I get the scholarship. Thank you!)

Anyway, during the trip I learned and noticed a lot of clever and important things, from which I will share with you a couple of things.

(If you don’t read it, I curse that you will get chickenpox.)

Important thing 1:

If Cinderella wore these shoes, she was an idiot

If Cinderella wore these shoes, she was an idiot

I can imagine what its like to wear these shoes.

Stupid-shoe-girl: “Hey Ma, look at my new shoes!”
Sensible-Ma (looks appalled): “Oh my God!”
Stupid-shoe-girl (totally misinterpreting Ma’s reaction): “I know, right? Now it looks like I’m not wearing any shoes, and there is a diamond growing from my big toe. And at the same time, my feet are totally protected! Can this get any better?”
Sensible-Ma (wryly): “Indeed! You are living every girls’ dream right now!”

Important thing 2:

If your kid looks like this, you have been a bad parent

If your kid looks like this, you have been a bad parent

You do not make your kid fat, just so you have someone to push the trolley! NO!! That is WRONG!

Now, that I have helped you become better people in life, I will get back to my work.

This post would have been much better.. really!

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You know how famous people always make a late entry? Well, this has nothing to do with Arjun’s post being late, but he has promised me a bribe, so he’s forgiven for not posting yesterday.

Since I spend almost 3-3.5 hours in the bus in a day, travelling to work and back, I usually spend this time to either think of what to blog next about, or I just sleep with my mouth hanging open.

So today morning, as usual, I was searching for that brilliant post to write about, which would blow your mind away. I think and think, and in between, I get up and give my seat to a lady carrying a little baby, hoping the others around are feeling ashamed for not being as selfless as me (yes, I am very humble as you can see), and then at last, almost like a miracle, I get that brilliant ultimate idea, the idea that would go down in the history of blogs as the God of Blog posts’ ideas! Feeling even more ‘not’ humble about myself, I finally look out of the window happily, to savor this moment to its fullest, taking in the beautiful sights outside.

Wow, that lake looks really beautiful…..look at those tiny birds flying so close to its surface…..

Wait a minute, I never passed a lake before on my way to work!

Where the hell am I?

And then the realization dawned on me that I had somehow boarded the wrong bus today, lost in thoughts about stupid blog posts!

It took me another hour to figure out where I am, and how to get to office from there, which as luck would turn out, there was no direct bus, so I had to walk unnecessarily from one bus stop to another.

Finally I make it to office, late, and I sit down to bring my amazing post idea to life (obviously this is what I am paid to do at work), and I realize that I just can’t remember what the idea was!!

So for today, instead of the award winning post that should have been here, this is what you will get from me:

Lesson 1 -> Always get into the right buses
Lesson 2 -> When blog ideas are too good to be true, NOTE THEM DOWN IMMEDIATELY
Lesson 3 -> Keep backup ideas, in case you were stupid enough to ignore Lesson 1 and 2.

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