Kindergarten cops – to protect kids from each other

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The following conversation happened last weekend between a 7 year old I know and his friend:

Kid-I-know: “Hey so did you see the latest episode of Pokemon yesterday?”

His-friend: “No way, I saw much cooler stuff yesterday. The mall near my house was celebrating their one year anniversary, and they had brought fire-eaters. Pokemon is so boring compared to that!”

Kid-I-know (feeling uncool at the moment for missing out the exciting fire-eating stuff): “Oh, fire-eaters. That’s not such a big deal.”

His-friend (feeling very grown-up by now on choosing fire-eaters over Pokemon): “Oh yeah? What is more exciting, watching men eat fire or some dumb cartoon that we get to see everyday?”

Kid-I-know (not wanting to be outdone): ” Pokemon is not dumb. And this fire eating business is not as cool as you think. Even I can do it.”

His-friend (definitely sure this was not how he imagined this conversation in his head): “Oh yeah?”

Kid-I-know: “Yeah!”

His-friend (his head stuck with oh yeahs): “Oh yeah?”

Kid-I-know: “Yeah!”

His-friend (finally finding other words to speak): “Well prove it!”

Kid-I-know realizes its too late to admit defeat now, goes into the kitchen and returns with a lit candle and a can of deodorant belonging to his brother.

He opens the can, holds the spray nozzle such that it faces the flame, and his own face close to the receiving end.


The flame erupts from the can to his face, barely missing his wide open mouth and almost burning him into soot like in the cartoons.

His-friend (jumps back, totally awestruck, scared and more importantly – jealous): “I’m telling your mum.”

(Runs off to find the actual grown-ups)


Now I am not entirely sure how the kid intended to eat the flames or where he learned the trick from or what the other kid’s thoughts are on loyalty to friends, but oh man! To think how boring my childhood was….neither Pokemon nor fire-eating friends. Was I born in the wrong century or what?!!


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