Mythology and Porn

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Girls were attacked in various regions in India, over reasons like going to pubs and wearing jeans. Obviously wearing jeans is the top most sin in God’s book of sins by women.

Anyway, now the attacks have stopped because in the words of Pramod Mutalik

“the method used was wrong, but the objective was correct”.

If you read the whole article, you will see he also said

“Our women are talented, and we should encourage them. But nudity, dancing and drinking liquor is not our culture. Also, it’s not just drinking, there is a drug and sex mafia behind all this. It’s an international conspiracy to destroy Indian culture. These western countries are behind this conspiracy. They introduced the pub culture into India. They brought AIDS, orphanages and old age homes, which is not part of our culture. Our culture upholds family values. In the US and England, 32% of pregnant girls are unmarried teens.”

Had he read the mythology books that I did in my childhood, I wonder whether he’d still be blaming international conspiracies or in fact, have problems with half the “problems” in our society today.

Here’s a portion of a story about the God Agni (fire), which I swear I did not make up, but read in a mythology book once:

(There is an almost similar and almost entertaining narration over at

Agni is flying by some random place on his way home, using is his super cool super powers. He sees the wives of the 7 rishis (saints). While the rishis are really old old men, the wives are really young. So even though these 7 women are married, Agni lusts for the 7 wives.

That is when he runs into Swaha (his future wife), who notes that he is quite distracted and sad. Swaha uses her super cool super powers to read his mind. She is not really happy to see his thoughts, but when there is super powers, nothing can keep you unhappy for long. Plus, she loves him way too much.

She decides to shape shift and transform herself (once again using her super cool super powers) into each of the wives one night after another, and she visits Agni, pretending to be the women Agni wanted to bed. But Swaha couldn’t transform herself into one rishi’s wife because that particular woman was truly loyal to her husband.

Still, Agni was happy because he believed that he managed to score 6 out of 7.

Meanwhile, Swaha gets pregnant.

(Not quite different from what’s happening today, eh?)

The only good lessons I can find in this story are:

1. Superpowers are always cool
2. Divorce is not always the answer
3. Always try to get good scores.

And to think this story is only the tip of the iceberg!


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