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Someone asked me this yesterday:

State 3 animals in the order of your preference (1st being the most preferred) and the reason for the same.

(Its fun, try it!)

The answers are below this really cool picture, so try not to cheat!

Did I say cool? I meant drool

Did I say cool? I meant drool

Anyway, here is what it means:
The first is what you think you are.
The second is what others think you are.
The third is what you actually are.

Now I don’t know how many of you think its true, or want to believe its true. Because if it is, then life has gotten a lot more exciting for me, for sure.

Jun opted for dolphins first cos they are really smart, then a tie between wolves and dogs cos they are really cool and faithful, and lastly birds, cos they can fly.

I did try to get him to change the verb ‘fly’ into an adjective than can describe him, but he adamantly refused to do so.

And this can mean only one thing, he can fly.

In other words, he is superman.

(PS: Do enter in the comments what animals and reasons you thought of, I am sure there will be a lot of interesting answers)


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