F is cool because it stands for Football and Free Software

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As most of you know, I am a free software fanatic. I don’t code, but I use. And to show gratitude in my own way, I do things like volunteer at foss.in or just write stuff like Linux vs Windows (check it out now, because in it I’m being funny and informative at the same time!!).

Another interest of mine that most people don’t know about is football. I will not get into the details of my extensive knowledge about the game (and embarrass you for not being so cool), but I will tell you how I almost got named Pique.

You see, when I was born, in June 1986, the FIFA World Cup was going on. I have even heard rumours that my father, who’s an ardent lover of the game, was away watching the match while my mum had her stomach cut up, just to get me out.

(Yes, I’m a caesarian)

Poor mum.

As if it wasn’t enough that the man in her life was away while she bore all the pain, when he gets to the hospital, she wakes up to finds him holding the baby(me) and calling me (lovingly) “Pique”.

On enquiring, she finds out that Pique is a Chilli Pepper from Mexico, the mascot of FIFA World Cup 1986, and that her dear husband has named the little monster (I have always wanted to be a monster, its fun!) after the mascot.

I think I'd look rad with that mustache

I think I'd look rad with that mustache

Of course, little did dad know that you don’t mess with pregnant women and the ones that just had their stomach cut open because their stupid child refused to come out.

Anyway, long story short, “Hi, I am Sridevi”.


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