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Someone asked me this yesterday:

State 3 animals in the order of your preference (1st being the most preferred) and the reason for the same.

(Its fun, try it!)

The answers are below this really cool picture, so try not to cheat!

Did I say cool? I meant drool

Did I say cool? I meant drool

Anyway, here is what it means:
The first is what you think you are.
The second is what others think you are.
The third is what you actually are.

Now I don’t know how many of you think its true, or want to believe its true. Because if it is, then life has gotten a lot more exciting for me, for sure.

Jun opted for dolphins first cos they are really smart, then a tie between wolves and dogs cos they are really cool and faithful, and lastly birds, cos they can fly.

I did try to get him to change the verb ‘fly’ into an adjective than can describe him, but he adamantly refused to do so.

And this can mean only one thing, he can fly.

In other words, he is superman.

(PS: Do enter in the comments what animals and reasons you thought of, I am sure there will be a lot of interesting answers)


Why I shouldn’t be writing at all!

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To begin with, you should read my post on Fake people annoy me, and its comments.

Read? Good.

As you might have noticed, there are two glaring reasons as to why I shouldn’t really be writing.
One, I make grammatical errors (which is a non-pardonable crime, and I don’t deserve to live, let alone write).
Two, I seem to have offended people with the contents.

Back in my first ever school, there was a competition once, called Katharachana (Story Writing). Any idiot can make stories, right? Or that’s what I’d thought! But turns out I lack a little something called IMAGINATION. God alone knows what I wrote in that story. Luckily for me, that competition only had 2 other participants, so I came in third!

A few years later (still in school), I decided to write an English novel. After all, I did come third in the story writing competition, didn’t I? It was about five kids and a parrot (Enid Blyton anyone?). I imagined that it was my cousins and I, and even named our characters with not-entirely-Indian names for the novel.

(Yup, I was obviously expecting worldwide audience and fame)

Anyway, I wrote pages and pages of (our) super adventurous story, until my mum happened to read it one day and continued to laugh at me for months, thanks to my er….imagination! I threw the story into the trash.

One would think I’d have learnt a lesson by now.

Fast forward to my college years. I am sitting in the classroom, fighting to stay awake. Inspiration strikes! I decide to write a novel.


This time, I decide, I will not be stupid like in school (Yeah, right!). I am in college after all! I think about what I want to write.
Yes, this shall be about ninja kids who fight crime.

(Yawn, you say)

For days I spend the lectures writing that perfect colorful introduction of my characters (this time they are Japanese). I even research on the different ninja traits and weapons, to make the story realistic. And not just that, I even dare to let my friends read it and give me their feedback. Everything looks promising. I am even dreaming of becoming the next J K Rowling.

And then BAM!!! I suddenly realise that I have no plot. Nope. No PLOT whatsoever. My stupid lack of imagination has once again kicked me in my imaginary balls.

Once again the novel goes into the trash.

So for now, I have temporarily given up on the novels, and is now in search of blog fame or rather, torture the readers with my superior intelligence and writing skills.

But just you wait. My novel, when I do complete it, is going to blow your mind away. It will be about………………about………..hmmm……….maybe I should write about vampires……(wink!)

Disclaimer: The author of this post has an IELTS score 8 (Very Good User – Has fully operational command of the language with only occasional unsystematic inaccuracies and inappropriacies. Misunderstandings may occur in unfamiliar situations. Handles complex detailed argumentation well).
Therefore, any unsystematic inaccuracies are pardonable!

Edward Cullen makes me happy

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So the reason why I have not had any new posts recently was because I was too busy reading all the 4 books in the Twilight Series (by Stephanie Meyer), followed by the movie Twilight.


I had no idea that the series and Robert Pattinson would turn out to be so AMAZING!!!

Thank you Tia, for you’re the reason why I decided to try reading the series.
Now I understand what you meant when you wished your Hubs was a vampire.
Now I realize why you named all the fish as Edward.
Now I get it why you keep talking about Edward Cullen on your blog, again and again and again.
Now I know why I am having this super urge to keep thinking and talking about Edward Cullen.

And from now on, Stephenie Meyer comes under my list of awesome people.

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