A month of blogging!

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Even though I have only 10 posts this month instead of 20, thanks to my vacation and Edward Cullen (sigh!), I have actually completed a month!


(Yes, I consider it a big achievement)

So I guess this would be an apt time for another round of dedications.

I dedicate this post to:

• All those who read my blog, without whom, there isn’t really a point to web-logging
• Especially all those who commented on the posts (you are awesome)
Tia, Arjun and Chris. It would be wrong if I didn’t say their blogs (go read them!) were an influence and inspiration for me to start blogging
• The company I used to work in last year, which was so pathetically pathetic that I spent my days/months exploring the world of blogs and eating mad angles (which is irrelevant here, but quite tasty)
Moo (who’s blunders could fill books) and the countless others who keep the world of humor alive, and lastly,
• Jun, for everything.

Now moving on to the actual contents of the post, I am inserting another story of Moo, which (I must forewarn) is not as funny as the “come come” story (as we call it). Owing to a hectic work schedule today, I am not in a position to post something more entertaining.

We (Moo, other friends, me) started our journey to Dharamshala. Moo’s Hindi is worse than mine. This is what happened (translated to English) –

Moo: I had kept a couple of apples in my room last night. I thought we can have them today in the cab. But when I woke up, they were already half eaten by a tortoise (!!!).

We were baffled for a nano-second at the thought that there was a wild tortoise in his room, stealing apples in the dark. Then we laughed our a*ses off at Moo’s stupidity (we always look for reasons to laugh at his expense, actually). Moo had meant to say chooha (rat), but instead ended up saying khachhua (tortoise).


Dedicated to those who clean public toilets

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Greetings everyone, and thank you for visiting my blog!
You’re awesome (just like me) or you wouldn’t be reading this right now.

As this is my first post, I would like to dedicate it to all those people across the world whose job is to clean public toilets. For it is they who are the actual heroes of the world.


How do you think Einstein managed to write the Theory of Relativity? And Soviet Union make the first ever satellite (Sputnik) to sent up into the space? Was it by losing concentration at work because they urgently needed to visit the loo but couldn’t because it was too dirty?

I think not.

So let us take this moment to appreciate their efforts worldwide.

And friends, remember to flush.

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