Vacation Time!

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Dear imaginary followers of my blog,

Thank you for taking time out from your busy schedule to read my blog everyday. I regret to inform you that I will be unable to post for a week as I am going away on vacation. But I promise I will get back to the usual 5 posts a week deal, once I am back.

So long!


Kindergarten cops – to protect kids from each other

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The following conversation happened last weekend between a 7 year old I know and his friend:

Kid-I-know: “Hey so did you see the latest episode of Pokemon yesterday?”

His-friend: “No way, I saw much cooler stuff yesterday. The mall near my house was celebrating their one year anniversary, and they had brought fire-eaters. Pokemon is so boring compared to that!”

Kid-I-know (feeling uncool at the moment for missing out the exciting fire-eating stuff): “Oh, fire-eaters. That’s not such a big deal.”

His-friend (feeling very grown-up by now on choosing fire-eaters over Pokemon): “Oh yeah? What is more exciting, watching men eat fire or some dumb cartoon that we get to see everyday?”

Kid-I-know (not wanting to be outdone): ” Pokemon is not dumb. And this fire eating business is not as cool as you think. Even I can do it.”

His-friend (definitely sure this was not how he imagined this conversation in his head): “Oh yeah?”

Kid-I-know: “Yeah!”

His-friend (his head stuck with oh yeahs): “Oh yeah?”

Kid-I-know: “Yeah!”

His-friend (finally finding other words to speak): “Well prove it!”

Kid-I-know realizes its too late to admit defeat now, goes into the kitchen and returns with a lit candle and a can of deodorant belonging to his brother.

He opens the can, holds the spray nozzle such that it faces the flame, and his own face close to the receiving end.


The flame erupts from the can to his face, barely missing his wide open mouth and almost burning him into soot like in the cartoons.

His-friend (jumps back, totally awestruck, scared and more importantly – jealous): “I’m telling your mum.”

(Runs off to find the actual grown-ups)


Now I am not entirely sure how the kid intended to eat the flames or where he learned the trick from or what the other kid’s thoughts are on loyalty to friends, but oh man! To think how boring my childhood was….neither Pokemon nor fire-eating friends. Was I born in the wrong century or what?!!

When personality traits are not necessarily personality traits

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They say you can identify a person’s personality from the way they walk, sit, etc. Now I’ve never had a reason to question this, but as I was walking from the bus stop to my office today, a situation came to my mind.

A confident person is supposed to walk looking straight ahead while an under confident person looks down.

In the streets of my city with its over population of stray dogs and others out for pooping, along with religious fanatics attacking people for no reason, this could cause quite an opposite effect on the personality traits.

Here an under confident person, who is also afraid of dogs or of crazy people could be looking straight ahead and walking to make sure none are out to attack him, and at the same time a very confident person out to give big presentation on important things could be looking down and walking to make sure he doesn’t step on dog poo and ruin his new shoes as well as smell bad during his presentation at work.

Now you might think as to how can this really affect anything?

Well, here’s how.

Jan is very confident, while Feb is not. March has a job opening that requires a confident person, the interview for which Jan and Feb are attending today. As March looks down from his office window, he sees Jan looking down and walking and Feb looking ahead and walking (due to reasons mentioned above). But March has read many books on personality traits, and so is convinced otherwise. March hires Feb.

Outcome – an unemployed Jan, Feb does under confident things that adversely affects March’s company, which almost shuts down, and Feb is fired. The world is doomed. Okay, that’s a bit too far-fetched, but you get the idea.

Why I shouldn’t be writing at all!

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To begin with, you should read my post on Fake people annoy me, and its comments.

Read? Good.

As you might have noticed, there are two glaring reasons as to why I shouldn’t really be writing.
One, I make grammatical errors (which is a non-pardonable crime, and I don’t deserve to live, let alone write).
Two, I seem to have offended people with the contents.

Back in my first ever school, there was a competition once, called Katharachana (Story Writing). Any idiot can make stories, right? Or that’s what I’d thought! But turns out I lack a little something called IMAGINATION. God alone knows what I wrote in that story. Luckily for me, that competition only had 2 other participants, so I came in third!

A few years later (still in school), I decided to write an English novel. After all, I did come third in the story writing competition, didn’t I? It was about five kids and a parrot (Enid Blyton anyone?). I imagined that it was my cousins and I, and even named our characters with not-entirely-Indian names for the novel.

(Yup, I was obviously expecting worldwide audience and fame)

Anyway, I wrote pages and pages of (our) super adventurous story, until my mum happened to read it one day and continued to laugh at me for months, thanks to my er….imagination! I threw the story into the trash.

One would think I’d have learnt a lesson by now.

Fast forward to my college years. I am sitting in the classroom, fighting to stay awake. Inspiration strikes! I decide to write a novel.


This time, I decide, I will not be stupid like in school (Yeah, right!). I am in college after all! I think about what I want to write.
Yes, this shall be about ninja kids who fight crime.

(Yawn, you say)

For days I spend the lectures writing that perfect colorful introduction of my characters (this time they are Japanese). I even research on the different ninja traits and weapons, to make the story realistic. And not just that, I even dare to let my friends read it and give me their feedback. Everything looks promising. I am even dreaming of becoming the next J K Rowling.

And then BAM!!! I suddenly realise that I have no plot. Nope. No PLOT whatsoever. My stupid lack of imagination has once again kicked me in my imaginary balls.

Once again the novel goes into the trash.

So for now, I have temporarily given up on the novels, and is now in search of blog fame or rather, torture the readers with my superior intelligence and writing skills.

But just you wait. My novel, when I do complete it, is going to blow your mind away. It will be about………………about………..hmmm……….maybe I should write about vampires……(wink!)

Disclaimer: The author of this post has an IELTS score 8 (Very Good User – Has fully operational command of the language with only occasional unsystematic inaccuracies and inappropriacies. Misunderstandings may occur in unfamiliar situations. Handles complex detailed argumentation well).
Therefore, any unsystematic inaccuracies are pardonable!

Fake people annoy me

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So what is it with fat people wearing sports brands?
I mean, isn’t it kind of obvious that they are definitely not into any form of sports or even normal exercises for that matter?
Or do they think that wearing the sports branded clothing will magically hide the layers of fat?
It doesn’t. Trust me. And if your friend told you it does, that’s cos she secretly hates you.
No no, don’t tell me you have been going to gym regularly, because you are still fat. I don’t believe you. And its not like there is a dearth of non-sports brands, you know. Go splurge on them.
So here’s what you got to do now – take off those sports brands, donate them to charity or hang them up on your bedroom walls in memory of your thinner days if you want to, but please, stop wearing them.

Another category of people that I want to address to are the ones that go about in their cars, playing their music loudly.
No, not those who are just enjoying their daily dose of music.
I am talking of the ones who (in a desperate attempt to look like a rock lover) increase the speakers’ bass to maximum and closes the car windows, so that all one hears from outside is the loud dum dummm… of the bass, but what they’re actually listening to inside is hip-hop music.
Seriously, what is your problem?
You are insulting both rock lovers and hip-hop lovers all over the world.
Be true to the music you actually love.

And remember, you are not fooling anyone.

My doggy encounters

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I LOVE dogs.

I think they have really pretty eyes, and well, they’re overall just amazing. But you should also know that I am shit scared of them, unless they are really nice to me. Which many times they are not. In fact I am so scared that I have ran away from been chased by a little ferocious pup once.

Yes, I can see you are thinking of stopping being my friend.

Now I must admit I have tried getting close to many of them, in an attempt to get over my fear. Sometimes it helped. Like with my boyfriend Jun’s dog. She is just awesome. But in other cases, it almost always ended like this –

I’m walking, I see cute stray pups.
Awww……isn’t it?
No. Because they are looking at me, growling with/through their tiny throats.
How did they know I was scared? I don’t look scared. Or do I?
I try to seem casual and unconcerned, because people are nearby.
Why aren’t those people scared? Why don’t the pups growl at them?
I walk.
The pups start following me quietly.
I see it from the corner of my eyes, so I stop and look back (trying to still look totally cool about it).
The pups stop and go grrrrrrrr again.
I decide to walk faster. The pups follow faster. I stop. They growl.
(repeat that a few more times)
I finally go beyond their territory, so they leave me alone. I walk away fast.

Later I narrate my narrow escape from death to Jun.
And he consoles me by telling that the pups were just learning to hunt.
It should have helped me to feel better, except that he was laughing his ass off at me.


So what were we talking about? Oh yeah, I LOVE dogs.

Dedicated to those who clean public toilets

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Greetings everyone, and thank you for visiting my blog!
You’re awesome (just like me) or you wouldn’t be reading this right now.

As this is my first post, I would like to dedicate it to all those people across the world whose job is to clean public toilets. For it is they who are the actual heroes of the world.


How do you think Einstein managed to write the Theory of Relativity? And Soviet Union make the first ever satellite (Sputnik) to sent up into the space? Was it by losing concentration at work because they urgently needed to visit the loo but couldn’t because it was too dirty?

I think not.

So let us take this moment to appreciate their efforts worldwide.

And friends, remember to flush.

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