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Hi there!

As my first sloppy chronicle act of 2010, I have made this page to better promote bloggers I like. If you do have the time, check them out!

one side of a sandwich
Arjun, the author of this blog, is my school friend and his blog is in fact the first ever blog that I started following regularly (cos its great!). Oh, and he introduced me to his namesake, whom you probably know as Jun from some of my posts.

clever girl goes blog
Tia’s blog was voted as the blog of the month sometime last year by blogspot, which was how I first visited her blog.

surviving myself
Found Chris’ blog from Tia’s blog roll, probably the best thing that ever happened to me during my one year in the corporate world.

These 3 blogs inspired me big time to start blogging myself. Oh, and the fact that they never really gave me any work to do in my old job and yet I was ordered to sit before my comp and look busy (cos the boss is watching!).

Well, apart from them there are other bloggers that I like, and you must check them out as well!!

Said the joker to the thief

Chronic writer with a more popular humor blog that’s kinda like mine

Tarun at his board his blog

Sharmishta zooming through red orange green

Rohan wishing we could all win

Arvind the magician, on his life in the Netherlands

Anoop the cinephile

Narayan, the mad muggle

Nishan making his marc

Aditya and his random ramblings

Akash’s thousand unspoken words

Lokesh’s adventures at da hammerpore and again

Yuri going through his smarter life crisis

Happy New Year, everyone!


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