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Okay, so a lot of people have been wondering what I have been up to ever since I got to the Netherlands.

Did you go to the “coffee shops”?

Are the women hot?

How is the beer?

Did you go to the “coffee shops”?

Did you fall into a canal?

Did you go to the “coffee shops”?

The questions are numerous.

Anyway, it looks like I have to post something about this place, but before that, I must must must show you my new (second hand) bike, because having bought it means that I am actually smart, and justifies any of the stupid things I (might) do in the future.

Puch Mustang

Puch Mustang

Now that we have all drooled over my baby, lets find out some of the stuff I learnt ever since I got here.

1. People just DO NOT get my name. I now have a wide variety of names including Sri, Siridevi, Sleedevi, Devi (pronounced like Debbie).

[And a lot more people who just smile cos they cannot remember it]

2. The Dutch, the Portuguese, the Italians (I am yet to discover which other countries as well) all kiss (a different number of times) when they greet you.

3. The Dutch are the tallest people in the world.

[I point blank refuse to comment on point 3]

4. Beer is cheaper than water.

[But that would also be because you can drink water directly from the taps, so buying a bottle of water is kind of pointless]

I think that should be enough trivia for now. So until someone does something stupid (including me falling into a canal), see you!



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  1. What do you mean they kiss??!!

    They just smile and shake hands (based on my experience. 😦 ..)

    But hey, they get my name right…

    Cool bike… 🙂

    Bad luck? 😛

  2. Kissing, so everyone will be kissing you, yeeeeeeksssssss, sounds weird debby 😛
    What about structures in Netherlands, 😛
    One should not prime task ever in Life – Nietzsche 😛 😛

    Hahaha… Well, they actually just touch cheeks against each other, its not a real kiss.
    And what about structures in Netherlands?

  3. get used to the kisses..
    the french normally stop at two kisses..the dutch and Belgians continue for one more (so total 3)…unfortunately the english only shake hands…:P

    Lol… Now all that is left is for me to figure who is from where!

  4. So, did you go to the coffee shops?

    Haha….my mum reads my blog. So the only answer you will get is a “no”!

  5. Still havent answered the most important one: have you been to one of those coffee shops yet?

    Nope! 😉
    (For further info, read reply above to Arjun)

  6. That’s one bike.


  7. I’d rather you bought a nice roadbike. Unless you can justify the full suspension by cycling down the stairs everyday 😀

    Well some streets are completely paved with bricks, which is as good as goin down the stairs 😀

  8. been to an ajax game yet after havin some brownies?? 😀

    Lol… No and no!

  9. Have you met anybody with two o’s, a j, seven y’s and four i’s in their name yet?

    Haha….so far, no! Atleast I don’t think so 😀

  10. How many Dutch, Portuguese and Italian friends did you make so far! ?
    Between, wasup?

    Enough friends to be confused all the time!

  11. Did you fall into a canal?

    Haha…no! And hopefully never.

  12. Hey how are the chicks? You know I am applying to the universities now. I can use this information 😛

    Girls are less in number, but there are attractive girls.

  13. Nice sense of humour. 🙂

    Thank you!

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