Butt of joke girls (Part 2)

September 7, 2009 at 16:10 | Posted in Uncategorized | 10 Comments

It was back in the first year of Engineering. The caller tunes craze time. For those of you who don’t know, it was the time almost all the mobile companies in India started allowing us to subscribe for any song that we like, so that those who call us would hear the song being played instead of the usual “trin-trin”. We were all victims to the caller tune mania, with people who changed their caller tune every day, to people like me who tried it just once.

(What’s the fun if you cannot hear the caller tune yourself? It is your favourite song after all!)

[Scene: Hostel Mess]

Enter Butt-of-joke-girl-2.

Butt-of-joke-girl-2: “Hey guys, listen to my new caller tune, it is a really cool song!”

So one of us calls her phone, and turns on the loud speaker, and we could hear “In your head….In your head….” playing from the song Zombie by The Cranberries.

Hailing from very studious and very “Indian” backgrounds, pretty much all the girls in my batch had not heard this song before. Now I had happened to hear it cos of a friend who gave a collection of her favourite songs to a friend who then gave it to me, had this song in it.

So it was really surprising to us that Butt-of-joke-girl-2 knew this song. And since we had nothing better to do, we decided to have some fun at her expense.

A-friend: “Hey Butt-of-joke-girl-2, that sounds like a great song, what is its title?”

Butt-of-joke-girl-2 (not expecting anyone to know the song just like herself): “Oh, its an English song”

(Like that was sufficient information)

Same-friend: “Yeah, we get that. What is it called?”

(Butt-of-joke-girl-2 is not sure now how to proceed as she had never found out anything more about the song herself, and so hadn’t expected any one else to ask her anything more about it either)

Butt-of-joke-girl-2: “Actually, its not just English, its got many other languages in it as well”

(What the fuck??!!!)

Same-friend (struggling to keep as straight face as were the rest of us): “Oookay, so what is it called, you know, like a name?”

Butt-of-joke-girl-2 (sweating profusely): “The song….yes….er…..its called ‘Eee-yaa-aae’.”

She runs out of the mess as we all burst out laughing!

[For those of you who might have not caught on, “In your head” can sound like “eee yaa aae” if you try thinking/listening to the song from Butt-of-joke-girl-2’s point of view. Of course, expecting others to believe it……..]



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  1. Not surprised but funny though…

    U might even find many regular listeners to western music confused by this song if you try to ask its name…
    just try it once, I had just for curiosity to get details and was surprised that they didn’t knew what the name of the song was 😐

    Yeah, that happens. If only she’d just been honest and said “I really like the song, but I just do not get the lyrics”!!

  2. What eats at my little brain the most is: How the HELL did she manage to set it as her caller tune when she knew neither the title, nor the band, nor the words?

    Only explanation I can think of: She copied it from somebody else’s caller tune. Vodafone has that option, I think. It goes something like this:
    You listen to someone’s caller tune => You ‘like’ it => You press some predefined button => Now other people know you like it too! Wow thats so awesome!!

    Hahaha….yes, obviously, she’d have been better off admitting the truth!

  3. My prediction that the butt-of-the-joke-girl-2 would be the Sloppy Chronicler herself has come true.

    “Zombie” also means a snake god worshiped in West Indian and Brazilian religious practices of African origin. The word has its origins in the Kongo or Kimbundu word meaning God. The lyrics ain’t just English, just as the poor, wise girl said. 🙂

    When you asked her the title, she was sweating, probably coz of the fear of getting laughed at by a gang of ignoramuses. And she might have answered “In your head”, which from your point of view must have sounded like “eee yaa aae”. No wonder she ran out of the mess, away from folks like u.

    See, it’s obvious as to who’s the real butt-of-the-joke-girl here. 😀

    Yeah, you. Stop tryin to defend yourself, Anoop! 😛

  4. hahahahhahahahahaa…

    Tell me there’s a part 3… I’d like to BUY it!!!

    Lol. thanks, I wasn’t plannin to write one, but lets see….

  5. Confession:
    I too used to think it went “ediyaahe ediyaahe” for sometime. And never thought why any one would want to shout something like that there.
    I get loads of songs wrong!! Hindi too!!


    I think we all get it wrong sometimes… But I don’t think anyone (except this girl) would end up making such a big fool of him/herself, just because he/she didn’t want to admit to not knowing what the lyrics were!

  6. hahaha
    you have humour and i like your writing
    i’ll be reading you

    Thank you 🙂

  7. Ahhhhh, Sridevi, it’s Irish! ‘Eee-yaa-aae’.” is Dolores O’Riordain singing ‘in your head’.

    English, psssssssh, it’s about the troubles in Ireland!

    Oooh, thanks Eoin!
    Now this I never knew!

  8. ‘Eee-yaa-aae’ is not the Irish language in case it came across that way, it’s just that singing business

    Lol…yes, got it!

  9. 😀 and then \m/

    And then?

  10. I dont remember d incident.. was i there???

    I dont remember! But I can tell you in secret secret who the girl was!!

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