Butt of joke girls (Part 1)

September 5, 2009 at 15:40 | Posted in Uncategorized | 10 Comments

That was a crazy last two months!

Lets see (chronologically),

1. I quit my job at IISc, though I still haven’t finished my report work (but I will soon),

2. I have traveled to almost all states in the southern region of India to get my visa and birth certificate legalized (India is too big for comfort),

3. Sassy the cat (thats what we named it anyway) came to our house to escape from stray dogs and no owner turned up to claim him,

Sassy the cat

Sassy the cat on Jun's couch

4. My grandad passed away,

5. I’m finally in the Netherlands.

But none of that means that I can ever stop making fun of all the ridiculous things in life.

But this time, thankfully, I am not the butt of the jokes.

Scene 1: Volvo bus from Bangalore airport to my home

Butt-of-joke-girl-1 is sitting next to me. She gets a phone call from some friend, to whom she mercilessly talks about how stupid “she” was (this she is some other girl we do not know about). Butt-of-joke-girl-1 is talking pretty loudly, repeating over and over about “how could she be so stupid” and “that was so stupid of her” and “oh god, she is soooooooo stupid”.

Anyway, the bus conductor has come to collect the journey fare, since she is on phone, he is giving tickets to the rest of us near by. But “clever”-girl aka butt-of-joke-girl-1 doesn’t like being ignored, whether she’s on the phone or not, so she tells her friend to hold on, and then calls the conductor.

Butt-of-joke-girl-1: “Excuse me….hallo….how much?”
(Bus conductor looks at her blankly)
Butt-of-joke-girl-1: “I said how much?”
Bus-conductor: “What?”
(Butt-of-joke-girl-1 is exasperated at the stupidity of “all” the people around her)
Butt-of-joke-girl-1 (now gesturing with her hands to help the “stupid” conductor dude understand): “HOW MUCH?”
Bus-conductor (now irritated): “You have not told me yet where you want to get off, how do you expect me to tell you how much you have to pay??!!”
Butt-of-joke-girl-1 becomes the butt of the joke.

Butt-of-joke-girl-2 story is funnier, I think I will post it tomorrow!



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  1. If there is such a thing as a next life, and if we get to choose what we want to be in it, I’d definitely choose to be a cat! The awesomeness of how it looks in that picture is just TOOO much.

    And I choose to be a jungle cat!

  2. I thought you are gone but you are alive, not bad 🙂
    So Netherlands!!doing what??
    Hockey Coaching???
    BTW, that phone girl was not as intelligent as you are 😛
    I just figured it out.

    Lol….okay. I’ve come here to do my masters (structural engg). Yes, now you make fun of me even more 😛

  3. RIP, Mr. Grandfather

    Thank you.

  4. The first post from Delft.
    Why do I have a feeling that Butt-of-joke-girl-2 could probably be the Sloppy Chronicler herself?
    That’s one cool cat, by the way.

    Not me! When you read the post, you’ll know.
    And yes, Sassy the cat is awesome!

  5. lolzzzzzzz
    After 4 years in NIT JAL, you haven’t learnt your lessons.
    OK, let me ask you—How do u define bending moment and how does a beam bend??
    No sarcasm here, all i want to know is how is beam bending possible?? 😛
    I could not understand it throughout my degree and I got D’s, most of the times in structure….

    Good lord, its like a test!!
    Lets see, a beam bends when a force acts on it. And when this force acts, a “bending” moment acts on the beam trying to make it bend.
    (Obviously, I still have the Jalandhar talent of bullshitting with my answers)

  6. this sounds like you are giving a viva and you want to pour all your intellect to avoid “those” kind of looks from your “not so cool” professor.
    Anyways, I have learnt my lessons, so bending moment is all crap 🙂
    A beam is made of steel and concrete which are quite strong so a beam can never bend 😛 😛

    Hahaha…..if only I could say that in the viva!

  7. @ Tarun,

    I’ve actually had vivas where I tell the correct answer in English which were “wrong”, but when my friend said the same thing in Hindi, it magically became the correct answer!!! Coming here is sort of an attempt to set things right in my educational life!

  8. lolzzz
    same goes true for NIT HAM, i guess 🙂 though I never gave any answer, so can’t say much 😀
    But never mind, best of luck for your masters.
    Study well and if possible then learn some tips to “preserve” the “Indian hockey” which is ironically our national sport 😛
    Rest, you can do whatever you want, I won’t mind 😛 😛

    Thanks. And yes, I will secretly steal the Dutch hockey secrets to help the Indian teams!

  9. umm..hockey or no hockey…u need to get back details of the other sex well and good remember that right 😉

    On top of ma list!

  10. Lol!…. well written…!! Hmmm.. so this butt-of-joke- girl…. hmmm.. (wonders who).

    It was a random girl from my batch. Its NITJ after all, what else can you expect?

    Sorry, I didnt notice which post the comment was for! It was just a random girl who had the misfortune of sittin next to me on the bus while this happened.

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