The only kind of pride that’s cool is a pride of lions

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Continuing talking about pride (previous post), there’s this girl I work with who is very vain, when it comes to her looks.

Don’t get me wrong, she is reasonably attractive, but the bad side effect is that she’d spend hours talking about herself to anyone and everyone, about all the times she looked hot and others were jealous and so on….

The other day, a few of us from work went to dinner, and I thought that for a change I should dress like a girl girl, and not a boy kinda girl.

(I have tomboyish issues)

Anyway, at the dinner, she tells me from across the table, that I am looking really good. Since I am a big moron when it comes to handling compliments, I semi-panic respond with a “thanks, you look good too”. To which she replies with a casual “oh, thats normal”.


Before midnight!

Me before midnight!

I guess it means I must be like Cinderella, who’ll turn ugly when the clock strikes twelve, while she continues to be amazingly hot or whatever, and so it is more important that I get compliments for the night, and not she.

After midnight

Me after midnight!

:-/ :-/ :-/

There is so much I am yet to learn about the girl world.




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  1. uh! … just get over it wimmen! .. to us, you ALL look hot..

    STOP the cat fights


  2. @Arjun
    Ha ha.

    Ha ha.

    And from today, I shall be referred by my “full” name only, especially when it comes to complimenting!

  3. Petty fights !! hmmmm….. typical girlish stuff 😛

    Note that there was no fight 😛

  4. Now that was not so nice of that girl and that was not so intelligent of you as far as that compliment is concerned 🙂

    What can I say, being a girl is not easy!

  5. Hahaha .. that was a nice read . . 🙂

    I agree .. to us you ALL look haute !!

    Thanks 🙂

  6. KNock——-kNocK!!!

    I’ve been busy!

  7. he hee..
    well it can be difficult understanding the “hot” and ‘not-so-hot-normal” issues in the women world ne!
    *sigh* 😉

    Thank you, finally a (woman) reader who understands!

  8. Lemme put it dis way..You are not Cindrella ne mor…

    I’m confused.

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