I am not fond of Facebook that much

July 6, 2009 at 12:33 | Posted in Uncategorized | 6 Comments
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So I was getting all proud about my blog (thats going downhill if I may say so) when this friend of mine announced on Facebook (for the world to see)

“Sri, your blog is awesome, if only you were paid to write this stuff”,

I obviously assumed its me. Yet, I knew that in South India there is an abundance of Sri(s), so I decided to confirm whether it was indeed me (as if there’s a doubt!).

It wasn’t me.


Pride so totally goes before a fall.

PS: I am still crazy busy and unable to post regularly.



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  1. ahaha
    Hilarious, that was, may be [:)]
    BTW, you are not that bad, provided you should write some good things also. [I didn’t mean that :D]

    I know what all you meant 😛

  2. hell.. your blog is good.. 🙂 and facebook is evil 😛

    Boo to Facebook 😦

  3. Who is this other Sri stealing your thunder?

    No clue 😦
    Some guy.
    Boo to South India.

  4. Just bumped into your blog via 20SB. And you’re right, Sri is pretty commonly attached to a lot of South Indian names. 😛

    As for Facebook proclamations, I’ve been mentioned in a few status msgs and I’m not always so sure how I feel about them. Especially ones like “Last night was willllld Archana ;)” which to an outsider would just take their mind straight to the gutter, lol. When really it’s just a friend implying that we had a fun time out. Ah, mis-communication.

    Haha….my first thot was from the gutter as well!

  5. Dude….your blogs supercool..
    paid or not paid..
    its my fav place to hang out in:-)

    Thanks 🙂
    Go Sloppy Chronicles, go Megha!

  6. “Sri, your blog is really awesome, and you ought 2 be paid to write this stuff”


    Anoop here. I was not being diplomatic in the mail. Sloppychronicles is seriously cool..

    Thanks, if you like it, you promote it! 🙂

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