As Joey once said “I am pretty wisdomous”

June 16, 2009 at 14:46 | Posted in Uncategorized | 9 Comments
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Since I turned 23 today, I am obviously full of wisdom.

So today I will give you 4 important advices that will help you throughout your life:

  1. Never ever watch the movie Max Payne
  2. Never ever do this to yourself
    I wasn't "wisdomous" then

    I wasn't "wisdomous" then

    cos its stupid (but if you have to choose between the two never-evers, then I’d say never ever watch Max Payne)

  3. Follow my blog religiously
  4. Treat your elders with respect

Sadly I do not have time to share more wisdom cos:

  1. I am still sick, though improving
  2. I have a work deadline for tomorrow, and if I want to spend even a little time with Jun today, then I definitely need to finish the work by evening.

So if you would be kind enough to send me those gifts today itself, I don’t think I need to linger around much longer with this post.



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  1. If I saw that picture at an exhibition, I’d BUY it! Happy Bday babe 🙂

    Hmm….interesting. And thanks 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday dear!!

    Thank you. I hope the expensive gifts are on the way 😛

  3. I love this post!
    Happy b’day dear [:)]


  4. Happy b’day gal
    nd I wish u complete ur work soon [:)]


  5. Happy Birthday!!!
    What a pic!

    Thanks! That was a crazy day!

  6. hehheheh
    I’m sorry….Feel like such an idiot…Here is displaying my stupidity and the promise of a big post….

    Had a chat on the word widomous but did not read the blog.
    Then read the blog 3 hrs later and realized that it was your bday.
    So spoke to you to confirm what i read
    And still didn’t wish you…….Sheeshhhhh



    Hmmm…..I guess you can get back in my “friend’s list” now 😀

  7. @ Arjun… Dude, I’m ready to auction that pic in original. Plz, be interested!
    @ Sri… Can you tell me why was that day crazy? I felt the next day was more entertaining!

    I CAN tell you why that day was crazy, but I choose not to.

  8. Happy B’day 🙂
    Is this you??

    Thanks. And sadly, yes.

  9. True wisdomness will bhe attained only bhen you learn to seek that which is not wisdomous and bhery apparent……

    Bhery bhery good, my bhoy!

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