Chaos theory – me getting flu in Bangalore makes a girl tell the truth in Trivandrum

June 12, 2009 at 13:00 | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments
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I have been down with the flu this week, unable to enjoy the whole “not having to go to work”, while coughing my lungs inside out.

I am irritated.

And while I have been lying sick in bed, someone ripped off my disclaimer (scroll right up this blog if you have been too blind to have not seen it till now), did a very very slight modification and used it for his own blog.

No reference, no thank you whatsoever.


I should’ve forseen that I was going to be famous, and got my blog copyrighted right in the beginning.

Damn you, premonition-super-power! You are never there when I need you!

I am annoyed.

And its not over, a guy I know who was recently engaged to a girl in the old fashioned (arranged) way just found out that the girl actually likes someone else, but her parents forced her to get engaged to him, against her will!

As much as I am grateful to her admitting the truth before it was too late, I just cant help wondering as to why do parents do this to their own kids? Why do parents try to cheat the very person who is supposed to live with their child later in life (till like forever)? Save your face, but sentence your kid (and his/her spouse) to a life of unhappiness?

I am appalled.



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  1. Am feeling sorry for all the characters in your post!!

    Even for the guy who stole your disclaimer coz he surely is going to get his butt kicked!!
    best of luck

    🙂 Yes

  2. poor guy ! and stupid stupid parents.. Its really sad


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