As Joey once said “I am pretty wisdomous”

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Since I turned 23 today, I am obviously full of wisdom.

So today I will give you 4 important advices that will help you throughout your life:

  1. Never ever watch the movie Max Payne
  2. Never ever do this to yourself
    I wasn't "wisdomous" then

    I wasn't "wisdomous" then

    cos its stupid (but if you have to choose between the two never-evers, then I’d say never ever watch Max Payne)

  3. Follow my blog religiously
  4. Treat your elders with respect

Sadly I do not have time to share more wisdom cos:

  1. I am still sick, though improving
  2. I have a work deadline for tomorrow, and if I want to spend even a little time with Jun today, then I definitely need to finish the work by evening.

So if you would be kind enough to send me those gifts today itself, I don’t think I need to linger around much longer with this post.


Chaos theory – me getting flu in Bangalore makes a girl tell the truth in Trivandrum

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I have been down with the flu this week, unable to enjoy the whole “not having to go to work”, while coughing my lungs inside out.

I am irritated.

And while I have been lying sick in bed, someone ripped off my disclaimer (scroll right up this blog if you have been too blind to have not seen it till now), did a very very slight modification and used it for his own blog.

No reference, no thank you whatsoever.


I should’ve forseen that I was going to be famous, and got my blog copyrighted right in the beginning.

Damn you, premonition-super-power! You are never there when I need you!

I am annoyed.

And its not over, a guy I know who was recently engaged to a girl in the old fashioned (arranged) way just found out that the girl actually likes someone else, but her parents forced her to get engaged to him, against her will!

As much as I am grateful to her admitting the truth before it was too late, I just cant help wondering as to why do parents do this to their own kids? Why do parents try to cheat the very person who is supposed to live with their child later in life (till like forever)? Save your face, but sentence your kid (and his/her spouse) to a life of unhappiness?

I am appalled.

Does anybody know how to transfigure annoying people into manure? (Part 2)

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(Continued from previous post)

I get into an auto, super sleepy from having woken up early in the morning to get off the train, and then waiting at the station till its safe to get out, bitten to death by mosquitoes that are possibly carrying dengue or malaria. Obviously I am not in the best of my moods. But the auto guy whose auto I got into was extremely chatty to the point of being an asshole.

(Note how hard I try to be civil by replying in monosyllables, instead of breaking his medula oblongata with my lethal karate chops)

Auto-dude: “So, where are you from?”
Me (fighting to stay awake): “Bangalore”
Auto-dude: “You studying?”
Me (wishing I’d actually studied to become a professional killer): “No”
Auto-dude: “Your home is here?”
Me (cursing myself for not having the power to teleport away): “No”
Auto-dude: “Oh, then why are you here?”
Me (cursing God for giving him the power of speech): “Work”
Auto-dude: “Oh, you’ve come here looking for work!”
Me (too pissed to care): “Yeah”
Auto-dude: “Why don’t you give me your cell number so that I can call you if I find some job you can do?”
Me (what the fuck?!!!): “Stop the auto, I’ll get down here”

The End.

Does anybody know how to transfigure annoying people into manure? (Part 1)

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Its been long, I know.

What can I say, I’ve been way too busy with other stuff to be able to devote time to blogging. Anyway, now that I’m back (not sure for how long), lets not waste any more time, and get back to the business of talking about random crap that doesn’t really matter to anybody.

But before I start –
I’ve noticed that many of you seem to be dwelling under the impression that Arjun over at One Side of a Sandwich is my boyfriend. Well, he’s not. Arjun is an old classmate and a friend since the stone ages, as he’d probably like to point out!

Moving on, I think you will agree with me when I say I just don’t understand why those random ANNOYING (and sometimes nosey) people you meet for a few minutes in your life would actually believe that they’re fun people to talk to, and in fact that we’re fulfilling our life’s purpose while talking to them!!

(They must be crazy to think they can even get close to becoming the most-fun-person-in-the-world that I am!)

There is that random somebody’s uncle you meet at the wedding who brags to anyone and everyone about his so-called multi-talented daughter who will be the one to cure cancer in the future, while dancing on one leg and studying law.

Then there is that passenger next to you on the train who is just not shutting up, when all you want to do is stare at the ceiling for hours, because it seems more fascinating at the moment.

And then there are those Romeos you meet in college, to whom you say “I am going to gouge my eyes out right now, for having ever seen you” and they think you are playing hard to get.

And then there is also what happened last week.

(To be continued)

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