I name this post “Batman” because he is the best

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Last week, I went to Bombay to attend this scholarship interview, for my higher studies.

(Please do pray that I get the scholarship. Thank you!)

Anyway, during the trip I learned and noticed a lot of clever and important things, from which I will share with you a couple of things.

(If you don’t read it, I curse that you will get chickenpox.)

Important thing 1:

If Cinderella wore these shoes, she was an idiot

If Cinderella wore these shoes, she was an idiot

I can imagine what its like to wear these shoes.

Stupid-shoe-girl: “Hey Ma, look at my new shoes!”
Sensible-Ma (looks appalled): “Oh my God!”
Stupid-shoe-girl (totally misinterpreting Ma’s reaction): “I know, right? Now it looks like I’m not wearing any shoes, and there is a diamond growing from my big toe. And at the same time, my feet are totally protected! Can this get any better?”
Sensible-Ma (wryly): “Indeed! You are living every girls’ dream right now!”

Important thing 2:

If your kid looks like this, you have been a bad parent

If your kid looks like this, you have been a bad parent

You do not make your kid fat, just so you have someone to push the trolley! NO!! That is WRONG!

Now, that I have helped you become better people in life, I will get back to my work.



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  1. cool cool cool!!!! 5 stars to the fat kid!

    Hehe…I can imagine how your kid would be like!

  2. Thank God I read it. No Chicken pox for me… Hipeeee… 🙂

    I can always make an exception for ya!

  3. Speechless (indeed thoughtless).

    My cleverness does that to people sometimes!

  4. Oh, that was so thoughtful, a great post indeed. Chicken Pox part was the best, that moved me completely.

    Yes, I am a very thoughful person 😀

  5. Omg!! You have become bitter to the point that you are actually getting really funny. I hope it isn’t that job of yours…. lol. I like this side of you.

    I was always really funny, I just chose not to show it. 😛
    But I am glad you like it!

  6. Hey Sri, nice blog man. And what do you have against little fat kids huh? I used to be a fat baby myself, and if you don’t quit picking on em, you’ll be soon hearing from the All India Fat Kids’ Association!

    Pick, pick, pick.

  7. Good one 🙂


  8. Cool stuff 🙂 hope it doesnt offend the fat kids 😛

    Yeah, cos its their parents who should be blamed!

  9. I’m sniggering my way thru all ur posts until i reached this one- this one i just lamo-ed on 🙂 i love making fun of fat/ugly/stupid people !

    it looks so bad when i put tht in writing! damn!

    We are bad bad people!

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