It happens only in India (and Venezuela)!

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So when I read this really funny post on Indian soaps (click!) the other day written by my friend, it reminded me of a particular Hindi serial that came on TV during my college years. The criticism of Indian soaps have been going on for quite a while now, so you may wonder what this post is all about?

For starters, it is not on Ekta Kapoor.

Secondly, this particular serial is a remake of a Venezuelan “telenovela”, as I found out from wikipedia, so we can’t blame really Indians for making this plot.

Anyway, here is the plot:

“Anu Sachdev is determined to fulfill her dreams of studying journalism from a prestigious university abroad, but she doesn’t know that the fate has already decided to change the course of her life. Anu is accidentally impregnated with a IVF sample by a gynaecologist she visits to have a routine checkup. A nurse had mixed up her file with another woman’s file. Anu doesn’t know she is pregnant and continues with her life.”

So when our day scholar classmate who saw the pilot episode narrates the plot to the rest of us boarders, we were speechless at the absurdity of the plot!

  • I mean, which unmarried+teenage+Indian girl goes for routine check ups with the gynaecologist? What was she expecting to find?!!
  • And if its for a routine check up, won’t she be aware of how its done usually, and so shouldn’t she notice that the doctor is doing something different, for example, injecting something suspicious into her, this time?
  • Ignoring the one-in-a-million odds of her getting pregnant from it, how long is it going to take her to realise that she is pregnant? A zillion episodes??
  • And once she does, why on earth isn’t she aborting the baby and ending the miserable series once and for all?

I don’t understand the human mind at all.

PS: The reason why the post is named so, is because soon after we overcame the speechless stage, our friend from Bhutan immediately started singing the famous movie song “It happens only in India“. But as I found out only recently, the plot is of Venezuelan origin


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  1. interesting….but you think the Indian housewives notice such subtle things?
    You know what? this might have happened in India’s neighboring country as well. There also things like this keep happening (in tv serials)

    I just don’t understand where they go wrong with their ideas.

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