Whatever happened to good ol’ chivalry?

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Back in my old job, there was no daily commuting facility provided by the company, because they believe in being complete jerks. So the result was me depending on public transport to get to the office on time and back home.

Now one morning on my way to the bus stop, a couple of dudes from my office (one of them had a car) saw me, and stopped. They said that since they live nearby, I can hitch a ride with them daily. I was very happy. Not just because of the car, but also because they seemed nice, they were close to my age, and well, as I was a new employee there, I hadn’t really made too many friends yet.

Time passes. Its a month since I started going with them to office. Thanks to them, other friends of theirs also started talking to me. Soon, obviously because of my charming personality (as if there is a doubt), I have people smiling and talking to me in office instead of pretending I am an amoeba and can’t be noticed with the naked eye. My work-social-life was certainly getting better!

(Yes, you guessed right. I obviously spoke too soon)

Here’s what happened one fine Friday evening (for narration sake, lets call them car-owner-dude and other-dude):

Scene 1: Cafeteria

Me: “Hey there, ready to leave?”
Car-owner-dude: “Yeah, lemme just finish this sandwich”
Other-dude (excited): “Hey man, why don’t we ask her as well?”
Me: “Ask me what?”
Car-owner-dude: “Some of us from office are going out tomorrow evening to check out this new pub, why don’t you come along?”
Me: “Sure, why not?”

Scene 2: Car

(Car-owner-dude and other dude are on a heated discussion on real estate. I am visibly bored, wondering if this is what was in store for me the next evening)

Car-owner-dude: “So Sridevi, do you have a boyfriend?”
Me (woken up from my coma): “Er…what? Oh yeah, yes, I do”

(This is followed by a short conversation with him about Jun. Meanwhile, other-dude is totally silent)

(Odd silence in car)

(Other-dude sighs)

Car-owner-dude (obviously very observant and extremely interested in other people’s lives): “Other-dude, you have been awfully quiet. Why did you just sigh?”
Other-dude: “Its nothing”

(More odd silence in the car)

(Car reaches my home, they promise to let me know what time we are going out the next day, and drives away)

As usual, I am super busy during weekends, trying to forget that a little something called weekdays exist. So it wasn’t until the weekend got over that I noticed I never got a call from either of them. On Monday, I get an SMS from car-owner-dude saying that they have to meet a client, so they won’t be going to office in the morning. Since this used to happen sometimes before, naive little me didn’t find anything suspicious. Later, at office, I ask one of their friends what happened to the weekend plan. She looks super uncomfortable, mumbles something about it getting cancelled, and walks away.

Next day and the day after, same SMS.

The day after that, no SMS, no car.

Meanwhile at office, other-dude is totally concentrating on pretending that I am an amoeba once again. This continues for the next week (forever rather), and it was understood that I am not travelling with them any more. I decided not to ask them anything either. They were not worth it.

It was once again back to my trustworthy public transport system. At least the buses don’t care if I am not single!

PS: I did make a few new friends there who were not complete jerks. So it all worked out pretty well in the end.



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  1. It’s really very weird world… Everyone wants to get something out of others and never want to give anything without expecting something in return. Don’t worry SRI, whether you are single or committed, whether you are beautiful or not, whether you are near or far… We’ll be there for you just because you are YOU!!! [:)]

    Aww, thanks! That almost moved me to tears 😀

  2. hahaha… Dave Chapelle once said “Chivalry is dead..” *all the women go “woo hoo!”* Chapelle:”but, you know what?….. women killed it!” .. and all the men go *yeah!! now that’s what i’m talking about”…

    Woo hoo!

  3. On the fool’s day, I read this. And from morning I am wishing everyone “Happy New year”.
    To you too I say so, albeit with the old fashioned bow, my lady.

    This proves the enduring effect of some grand (and great movies), here this lasts from the remains of “Lord of the Rings – The Return of King” which I completed last night for 4th time, I guess.

    But yes, I too wonder what happened to that good old chivalry.

    🙂 Wish you the same, good Sir!
    I am not entirely sure, if that’s how they spoke in those days. But hey, I tried!
    LOTR is awesome!

  4. Ties in very well with the ‘ladder theory’ 😉

    Hey you’re right!
    From now on, I keep an extra 3rd ladder to whack such men on the head.

  5. SRIDEVI!!! who would have thought:) well..being a regular reader of thy blog, i have to say its great!:) btw its the old ramya!!lol:D

    Thanks 🙂
    I must say the new friends come no way close to old Ramya!

  6. Folks:

    This blog gets better with every post! Commendable work of art, Sri!

    As for the dudes, well yes!.. they need the third ladder and more importantly a LIFE.

    Thank you! Thank you!
    And EXACTLY!!

  7. good stuff…… when it comes too chivalry .. lets just say some girls can stab guys in the back without flinching 🙂 Damn.. I have been the victim of “THE LADDER THEORY” spectre talks about! 😦

    Ouch! You mean, they pushed you off the ladder and hit you with it?

  8. I am sad for the other dude… that guy didn’t know how to find out your history (profile)…….. i am saying this because guys in office even know whether a girl is divorcee or not ( yes…without talking her even once)…
    NIce entry Sri 🙂
    Now i gotta google for “the ladder theory”

    Other-dude joined only a month before I did. He probably never got around to learn the tricks and tactics of office life. I still say whack them both with the ladder!
    Hope you found out what the theory is about!

  9. For those who’re too lazy to google: http://www.laddertheory.com/

    @Sridevi: Maybe you should read it too (and maybe I’ll change ladders once you’re done reading)

  10. Oh man! That stuff is really raw. But what the hell! It goes into super-detail about the whole thing.

    Whoa! That’s a whole lot of information on the ladder theory!!!

  11. Yes i did…its pretty interesting.. i filched 2hrs of my office time 🙂

  12. My unique experience with chivalry

  13. Thanks narayan (whoever you are) I found this interesting site on The ladder theory


  14. 🙂
    Their tough luck… and your good luck 🙂


  15. LMAO
    isnt this the typical male syndrome sri 😉
    i mean really

    in fact try “oh! i am married with my kids at home”:-)
    then the response is a killer
    i tried this for the first time here at law school and believe you me it was fckin hilarious seeing them fret like OMFG-i-have-swallowed-a-zombie….

    but then if you are single and hanging out with them and you turn them down you go on to be a bi*** or a sl** (whatever they prefer!)
    and if u with someone and still have loads f guy friends you are still a lot many things sweetie;-)

    so lets just say chivalry is circumstantially relative..i can vouch for that sweetie:-P

    Lol. Next time, I’ll try the married with kids thing!

  16. good one! 🙂 and believe me, public transport does have its share of fun

    When a supermodel like Dutch guy smiles at me on the bus, I shall share your sentiments on public transport.

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